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Reimagining the future of fashion

Embark on an immersive voyage to see, hear, and feel the concept of RSTLSS, the fashion-meets-tech revolution. Bringing together the benefits of secure blockchain technology with Web3 wearables and the metaverse, RSTLSS enables brands, influencers, and artists to create and sell multiverse fashion through an engaging, gamified platform.

Indulge in the visual and auditory storytelling combined with interactive minigames and animations – a feast for the senses to showcase the technology and outside-the-box thinking behind a disruptive Web3 brand.

Because what is fashion without innovation?


A multi-sensory journey of discovery

Great fashion doesn’t follow trends. It makes, breaks, and molds them.

Celebrated metaverse designer Charli Cohen unveiled RSTLSS on December 15th 2022. Prior to launch, RSTLSS – boasting angel investors including Paris Hilton and Twitch co-founder Kevin Lin and planned collaborations with Reebok, Assasin’s Creed, and Pokémon – needed a website to reflect the individuality and freshness at the brand’s core. The space had to effectively showcase the concept and resonate with the community in an exciting, memorable way.

We teamed up with Territory Studio to provide an immersive site packed with micro-interactions, 3D movement, and creative storytelling, pushing the boundaries of what’s possible from a one-page website experience.


Collaboration breeds innovation

The project required unconventional thinking and a multidisciplinary team of creatives to execute the client’s vision of an experience that matched the ambition and energy of the brand.

Providing technical consultation and creative development solutions from start to finish, we coordinated with Territory Studio from concept right through to launch.

A key challenge was managing the scale of the creative vision with the technical limitations of a responsive, intuitive website that would display and function effectively on a wide range of devices.


Marketing a brand with one foot in the future

Working closely with the 3D and VFX team at Territory Studio, we created a visually stunning, fully immersive, and truly unique experience.

The diverse team consisted of illustrators, 3D artists, game developers, sound designers, and other highly skilled creatives. Working together, we conceived and built a range of minigames, animations, and soundscapes to reveal the unique feel of RSTLSS.

The result? An experience unlike any other that captures the imagination and offers a spiritual journey into the celestial world of RSTLSS.


Technology and art in harmony

Bringing such an immersive concept to life requires a lot of modern tech. Throughout the project, we managed professionals with a range of technical expertise, and brought a fair share of our own to the table.

It took some serious work to bring it all together and optimize the assets into a smooth, fully functioning website. But we were up to the task.

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