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An immersive 3D-world scavenger hunt

Embark on a thrilling scavenger hunt trivia game in T-Mobile's virtual Holiday Metaverse. Navigate through a 3D world, interact with holograms of T-Mobile exec holograms, and answer questions for a chance to win prizes.

The web experience works seamlessly on mobile devices, desktop browsers and even VR headsets.


Make it innovative, fun, and festive.

T-Mobile, a leading telecommunications company, sought to create an immersive and engaging experience for their customers during the holiday season. They wanted to transport customers into a virtual, holiday-themed version of their office and offer them the opportunity to play a fun trivia scavenger hunt. The goal was to drive brand perception and create a unique, memorable experience for T-Mobile customers.


Decking the halls of our holiday metaverse

Our design and development team faced several technical challenges while creating this immersive game. One of the main challenges was recreating T-Mobile's headquarters in 3D, holiday-themed furniture, and re-invisioned office interiors.

Another challenge was incorporating realistic 3D holograms of T-Mobile executives into the game, as well as ensuring optimal performance across different platforms and VR headsets.

Additionally, our team added playful animations and festive audio effects to enhance the overall experience.

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3D Design

T-Mobile's Holiday Metaverse

The main challenge for our 3D team was to turn the real T-Mobile office into a virtual holiday-themed 3D space. Our 3D artists put in a lot of effort to make sure that each piece of furniture was custom modeled and textured to match the holiday theme of the experience.

To achieve the best performance on all platforms, we implemented a custom pipeline that maximized the reusability of geometry and textures. This approach allowed us to maintain smooth performance and a high level of visual quality throughout the experience. The end result was a truly immersive and engaging 3D space that captured the holiday spirit.

Holograms: The Future of Interaction

The experience features eighteen 3D holograms of T-Mobile executives, created using volumetric capture technology provided by our partner Evercoast.

The technology allows for a more lifelike representation of the executives, making it feel like they are actually present and interacting with the users.

The executives were programmed to ask users various trivia questions, providing an interactive and engaging experience for the website's visitors.

These holograms were seamlessly integrated within the the 3D world, allowing users to view them in 360 degrees.

The use of 3D holograms in this way adds an innovative and unique aspect to the website, setting it apart from traditional online experiences.


Mobile Immersion: A 3D World at Your Fingertips

Our team has optimized the immersive web experience for mobile devices, ensuring that all the functionality of the desktop version is present and fully accessible on a phone. The entire 3D world is fully explorable on a mobile device, providing users with a seamless experience regardless of their device.

We have also undergone a rigorous QA process to guarantee that the experience runs smoothly and without any hitches, delivering a high-quality and enjoyable experience for all users.

Built in Record Time with Proven Tech

Our team's ability to design and build an immersive web experience within 8 weeks was made possible by utilizing a proven tech-stack and internal tools within our rapid workflow for creating interactive experiences.

The back-end infrastructure was set up to handle spikes in traffic, ensuring that the website remains accessible to all users.

Although supporting immersive mode for VR headsets was a challenging task, the final outcome made it worth the effort as it allows users to fully immerse themselves in the beautiful 3D details of the website.

Tools & Tech
  • WebGL
  • Three.js
  • React Three Fiber
  • howler.js
  • Storybook
  • Volumetric Lighting
  • GSAP
  • HDR Bloom
  • Theatre.js
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