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Taking the new MDA website to new heights.

MDA is a Canadian aerospace technology company with an extensive 50-year history, counting the development and construction of CanadaArm3 as one of their groundbreaking achievements and proving that the earth is round, since 1969.

Our team delivered a well-polished, bilingual web experience which launched the new MDA brand into the modern space race.

The new website featured eye-catching photos of MDA's inventions, an overview of all projects in the works and an interactive timeline of their impressive 50-year history.

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Beautiful photography, as far as the eye can see.

The website's layout focused on large format images to invite visitors with beautiful photography of MDA's technological achievements and mesmerizing satellite views.

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Browse and shop on a Shopify-powered merch store, without leaving the MDA website.


Prismic CMS

All of the content on the platform is managed through a simple interface of Prismic headless CMS.

Every article is composed of various content slices, which can be used in any combination.

Prismic CMS Interface

Responsive Layout

Our design team tailored the design for mobile device screens to create a seamless experience for users on any device.