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Harnessing AI and creativity for an ultra-luxury EV launch

Let your individuality and imagination guide a bespoke design process, with Art Of You — the immersive and collaborative launch experience for Cadillac’s CELESTIQ electric vehicle.

An engaging, hypnotic combination of shareable 3D visual art, AI-powered interactivity, and creative energy that forges a lasting connection between product and consumer.

Art Of You communicates luxury and personalization in a completely new way, showcasing Reflektor’s use of technology and design to present Cadillac as the front-runner and innovator in the burgeoning EV market.


An entrancing and interactive AI-based experience

As a high-end and high-profile electric vehicle, CELESTIQ needed a launch campaign that communicated its elegant distinctiveness. Cadillac had a vision to empower potential customers to incorporate their individuality into a seductive, innovative, and futuristic digital launch experience.

Crucially, the concept had to capture the world-class luxury and customizability of CELESTIQ. To achieve this ambitious goal, the project would require unique technical expertise and innovative thinking.

Reflektor Digital was tasked with handling the technical architecture of the entire campaign, alongside creative direction and UX flow of all digital elements.


A synergistic combination of creativity and technology

We teamed up with m ss ng p eces and Leo Burnett Detroit to bring Cadillac Celestiq Digital Experience to life.

Together with the globally dispersed teams, we crafted a unique experience involving AI-based voice control — with acclaimed actor Regina King providing voicework — and immersive, dynamic 3D visuals, culminating in a bespoke, shareable piece of art for every participant.

Handling technical direction, creative direction, and UX/UI design, our team played a crucial role in every phase of the ideation, development, and delivery of the project.


Interactive AI integration

AI played a key role in bringing Art Of You to life. In the final product, users vocally answer questions and receive responses from the AI, voiced by Regina King. As part of the process, we captured and sent user responses and relayed the AI-based responses to users in real-time.


A mesmerizing 3D gallery

The dynamic 3D gallery added another layer of futuristic realism to the project. It was created using WebGL and featured real-time reflections, giving it an eye-catching and responsive feel. To serve the range of users, we also needed to ensure that the gallery was visually stunning but optimized to run smoothly on all modern devices and browsers.


Pixel streaming

We collaborated with PureWeb to use Pixel Streaming to create a smooth, low-latency experience for users on mobile and desktop. Together, we developed a custom communication layer between the web experience and the Unreal Engine platform. The end result was a streamed real-time output of a dynamic particle simulation, providing a seamless user experience.


Custom backend development

The central feature of the project was the ability for users to build unique, personalized creations. To facilitate this, we had to create a custom CMS to manage user creations, handling all participant submissions and allowing users to download and share their artwork.


Real-time speech-to-text

User interactions with the AI chatbot were based on live vocal inputs, requiring real-time speech-to-text functionality. We ensured the system was optimized to work flawlessly in-browser and across all devices, with real-time audio waveform visualization and a GCP fallback for browsers lacking this capability natively.


Bringing technology and AI to life

Throughout the project, we coordinated the collaboration of the technical and artistic teams involved in Art Of You. With multiple vendors — separated geographically and with each handling distinct, highly technical aspects of the project — we needed to leverage our in-depth technical expertise spanning AI, 3D art, and intuitive UX/UI design.

Some of the key technologies involved in Art Of You include:
  • WebGL
  • Pixel Streaming
  • AI (for voice responses and art generation)
  • Speech-to-Text
  • Pixel Streaming
  • Strapi CMS
  • Unreal Engine
  • Internationalization
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