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A unique and animated website for a product design firm.

A product engineering firm out of San Diego needed a website that set them apart from their conventional competitors. What we proposed is a dynamic concept with moving shapes that assemble as the building blocks which are needed to produce Spellbound's products.

The challenge was taking the extensive amount of content from the original site and displaying it in a way that is easy for the user to navigate and consume. For our CMS, we chose Contentful, allowing the client the freedom to populate copy and images as they please within the structured fields assembled by Reflektor.

Increase in traffic
Average time on site
7 Min
Increase in lead generation
Creative Direction

Brand Refresh

Our design team selected a new brand font, a pallete of exciting colours and an assortment of shapes which were brout to life through motion and interactivity.

Creative Direction

Dynamic Shapes

We came up with a system of configurable, dynamic shapes that interweaved throughout the website's contents. Our development team introduced specific rules for placement and motion to ensure the layouts are not overcrowded, and there is no overlap between the shapes. We've also added collision detection to allow the figures to bounce off one another.


Motion & Transitions

We brought the content to life through a carefu use of motion and interactivity.We brought the content to life through an inventive use of motion, colour and interactivity.

Menu animation
The shapes not only adorn the site but also tell their own stories.
Seamless page transitions

Responsive Layout

Our design team tailored the design for mobile device screens to create a seamless experience for users on any device.