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Nomada is a luxury travel brand with a big soul

The newly designed website, offers a captivating and user-friendly platform where people can discover transformative experiences with a focus on sustainable and conscious tourism. Now that’s something to feel really good about.

For a brand with so much heart, Reflektor created a unique visual language that breathed life and brand values into the online experience.


Manifesting the brand

Clean geometric lines and symbols are the foundation of the brand’s visual identity.

Nomada's primary logo is a line-based illustration of the sun above mountain peaks. It can also be viewed as Sukasana, the crossed legged yoga pose indicating inner reflection and one's connection to nature.

Nomada offers its clients experiences that are unique in its offering. We created a visual language - through the use of unique logos - to represent each category. Below are the final logos and some of our explorations.


Website Design

Our design approach was to create a clean and modern platform for Nomada where visuals play a central role and stand out amidst the white space. The use of a strict grid ensured that elements align to the pixel and interact flawlessly with one another.

Landing page
Category landing page
Listing of categories

Responsive Layout

Our design team tailored the design for mobile device screens to create a seamless experience for users on any device.


Motion Design

To put the visitor in the mood for exploring, we filed the pages of the website with soothing animations, dreamy travel footage and large-scale cinematic landscapes of the world.

Through subtle, wave-like animations, we added a sense of ebb and flow to the user experience.

On thumbnail rollovers, we added a subtle wave-like movement to images. Transitions are smooth and seamless as text and photos glide on and off the page. The logos are playful by way of subtle line animations that made a big difference.


Crafting a soothing experience

Our technical challenges involved creating smooth transitions between pages while supporting dynamic content populated through Contentful CMS. Our development team added special touches with smooth transitions and animations, bringing a soulful quality to the site.

To add playful interactions to image rollovers we introduced a wavy WebGL shader, which also allowed us to create a seamless transition from page to page.

  • webgl
  • contentful cms
  • vue js
  • gsap
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